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3 Tips to Store Weed Effectively

If you've recently found weed in the back of a drawer after completely forgetting about it or think you didn't use up your supply soon enough, you might be reluctant to consume it. It's important to understand that the way milk or meat expire is not the same for weed. Cannabis products’ terpenes and cannabinoids may expire with time, losing their potency and effectiveness. Before consuming your cannabis, here are some general guidelines for getting the most from your stash.

1. Maintain Weed Cool Maintain Weed Cool

High temps are your weed’s enemy, forcing it to dry up and the terpenes to dissipate. However, avoid cold temperatures too; they might break the delicate trichomes, resulting in low-potency cannabis.

2. Avoid Sunlight

UV radiation may degrade cannabinoids and terpenes in the same way that it can fade the color of your favorite tee. Never leave your cannabis in direct sunlight.

3. Keep it from Moisture

Getting your buds from coming into touch with moisture is the most effective way to avoid moldy weed.

Weed Life Period

After approximately a year, weed can lose some of its efficacy and lose some of its taste. The buds of freshly cured marijuana are wet and bouncy or squishy when you get your hands on them. The weed will either dry out or become too moist depending on how it is stored.

When preserved in good condition, most cannabis products may last for months while still being potent, safe, and fresh. The shelf life of dried cannabis flowers is six to twelve months. Concentrates can be used for months, of wax or dabs. Oils last for at least a year. Most edibles have a relatively little shelf life due to other dietary components. It is essential to store edibles according to package directions. Topicals might last a year or longer. As a result, if you are concerned about the product's freshness or age, you should buy new marijuana or other cannabis products.

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