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Cannabis Guide For Beginners

Since marijuana has been so widely available in recent years, more people are starting to experiment with cannabis. Therefore, it is essential for newbies to feel secure and well-prepared before consuming it for the first time. You can use the quick guide we've provided to understand any possible side effects before, during, and after consuming cannabis.

Purchase High-Quality Weed

You're going to need cannabis as your initial resource. It's alright if you're unsure about where to begin! Contact us via phone or visit our website. Our team is available to guide you in identifying your requirements and wants. Our weed delivery store provides quality and reliable cannabis products for all needs and tastes.

Keep it Slow

Avoid the beginner error of trying to smoke too much at once. Start slowly, and after taking a few puffs, wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Feel free to smoke a little bit more if you don't feel much after a given time. Smoking excessively quickly might give you an unpleasant trip and a bad experience.

Remain at Home Remain at Home

You want to be in a place that makes you feel secure and at ease when you are high, particularly the first time. Driving when high on cannabis is prohibited and dangerous. Therefore, staying close to home is greatly recommended. It's a plus if you have a roommate or partner nearby in case you need anything.

Be Ready

Cannabis smoking produces diverse effects quite quickly. Be ready for the high to arrive suddenly. After being smoked, the cannabinoids go via the lungs, enter the circulation, and quickly reach the brain. It may take longer for the digestive system to complete the processing of edibles or tinctures.


You're likely to cough if you've never smoked before. Cannabis includes moisture, which might make it seem a little thick when burnt and inhaled. Keep a glass of chilled water close by and sip from it as needed. If you have trouble controlling your coughing, vapes or a pipe may be preferable to a joint. These kinds of tools can lessen the burning and improve the smoking experience. As a reminder, if you have a respiratory or lung issue, talk to your doctor before smoking cannabis. There is a wide range of edible goods available that may be a better and safer option for you!


Relax and take pleasure in your sofa lock. Or, if you're feeling creative, stand up and start writing, playing music, or creating art. Allow the high to take you wherever it wants to go. Remember if you like this particular high or anything else, so you can decide if this product was the best choice or whether you might want to try something else.

Wait for Smoking

Since each body is different, the duration of the high varies according to the metabolism, body weight, innate tolerance, product potency, etc. Your high might endure for two to three hours or up to eight. You should wait before smoking another blunt or pipe.

Most likely, you want to ensure that your first time smoking weed goes well! It will motivate you to smoke more often and inspire you to try other strains, tastes, and terpenes. For additional high-quality weed items, you can place an order from our store online, Weed Store & Delivery, or give us a call to learn more if you ever need more help. Our Oceanside dispensary will make this experience better for you. Get started today!