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How Do Cannabis Terpenes Work?

Terpenes are crucial for a cannabis strain's taste and fragrance. Although CBD and THC are the cannabis compounds that garner the most attention, terpenes are becoming more popular as more people become aware of how they affect the high from cannabis. You can enhance cannabis and get closer to the ideal strain by understanding how terpenes impact it.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are organic compounds naturally produced by a plant's trichomes. Plants generally create terpenes as a form of protection against predators. The fragrances and scents of the cannabis flower will vary depending on the environmental circumstances that influenced its production.

Terpenes affect the brain but do not themselves cause intoxication. Many clients think you should focus more on the terpene profile when choosing your strains.

How Do They Differ from THC and CBD?

Even though there are more than a hundred cannabinoids in cannabis, the most common and extensively researched ones are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

There are two compounds in cannabis that can give you an idea of what you are getting: cannabinoids and terpenes.

The experts call this interplay between them the "entourage effect." The "full spectrum" hypothesis states that the various cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds present in cannabis all work together to produce the drug's characteristic feelings and effects.

The Different Types of Cannabis TerpenesThe Different Types of Cannabis Terpenes

Over one hundred terpenes are found in one strain. There are thousands of terpenes in nature. Cannabis strains contain the following terpenes in the highest concentration:

1. Limonene: One of the most common terpenes in cannabis plants, Limonene smells like lemon, orange, and citrus.

2. Pinene: A variety of plants naturally contain pinene, including pine needles, dill, rosemary, and rosemary seeds. Pinene has many benefits, including improving concentration.

3. Myrcene: A typical term for myrcene is “mother of all terpenes”. Mangoes, lemongrass, and thyme contain it. It has an earthy aroma.

4. Linalool: Linalool is found in lavender because it has a fruity and floral aroma.

5. Humulene: Humulene has an earthy, woody scent that reminds you of a brewery. This terpene is commonly in sherbet, Girl Scout Cookies, and black pepper.

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